West Side Pioneer Association (WSPA)

West Side Pioneer Association – Our Local Historical Society

New_WSPA_Logo-159x156The West Side Pioneer Association (WSPA) is the local historical society for the Tracy area.  First organized in 1921, and named for European settlers in the Tulare Township on the West Side of the San Joaquin River, the organization has become the center of efforts to document and preserve the full history of the Tracy community and surrounding area.

Establishing a historical museum was a major objective for the organization. In 1993 the first museum was opened on Bessie Avenue and later was moved to its current home on Adam Street in the depression era Post Office building.

Today we have expanded our mission to include youth and community education, historic landmark preservation and building historic archives for the community.

Our goals are to:

  • Promote an interest in and to encourage research in the rich cultural and natural heritage of Tracy and the greater Tracy area (i.e., Tulare Township on survey maps).
  • Mark historical sites, to stimulate research, and to support the preservation of historic landmarks within Tulare Township.
  • Assist the County of San Joaquin and the State of California in the collection and preservation of historical materials and to make these available to the public.

In 2017, Tracy Area Genealogical Society (TAGS) located on the second floor of the Museum also officially joined the WSPA. 

The WSPA is a membership organization with modest annual dues.  A volunteer Board of Directors voted by the membership and named at large run the organization’s day to day activities. We rely on our membership and volunteers to continue and expand our programs.

Join and help us make history!